Results to expect

Your digital footprint (profile) will be aligned, optimised and effective in growing your brand, expertise and business ● You will be able to identify leads and opportunities ● You will discover how to win new business ● You will learn how to maintain a professional continuous presence with your clients, whilst building life time value and penetrating their organisation ● You will become skillful in educating your audience on your expertise in a consistent, credible and professional manner ● You'll have the key metrics and apps to measure your performance ● This training will grow your business ● It saves time, resources and money.

LinkedIn Success Systems - Team Training - online learning

4 Modules - packed with in depth lessons, downloadable guides and over 45 video tutorials. Four tried and tested courses all set out for the most effective leaning experience

1. Understand your target audience on LinkedIn

To be really effective on LinkedIn you need complete understanding of your target audience. This task will ensure you know exactly who you are targeting. It provides the strategic foundation for your success on LinkedIn

2. Build the perfect profile that engages your clients and prospects

After Clarify your brand for LinkedIn, you now have all the information to build a brilliant profile that is aligned with you target audience and optimised for searches. This module is designed to show how a profile is constructed using our 16-step process.

3. Drive sales and awareness

Given you will now have an operationally effective profile, you are now ready to be trained on elements of the Business Growth Accelerator This trains you on how to use LinkedIn to achieve your goals. It forms the basis of the systems and processes which underpins the LinkedIn Success Systems; building contact databases, targeting, prospecting, engagement processes, client retention, visibility, content, as well as introducing performance enhancing apps and tools…

4. Get the results

You now have an operationally effective profile, company page optimisation, and you are well versed on the systems of how to use LinkedIn to achieve your goals. The Implementation Accelerator gets you into consistent action. Learn how to integrate LinkedIn into your particular overall strategy, objectives and workflow. Here you are asked to design your own LinkedIn 90-day plan with KPIs.


The LinkedIn Team eLearning Training platform is currently only available to clients of LinkedIn Success Systems


The eLearning platform is updated every 4 weeks with any changes there may have been to LinkedIn

Additional Training Courses - by request

Sales Navigator

This is a specialist training program for individuals who have the aptitude and desire to perform at the highest level. Sales navigator is LinkedIn’s enhanced lead generation tool. It is a very powerful business development tool.

Company Page(s)

This is specific training on Company Pages and covers areas such as Company page(s) strategy, structure & integration, affiliate pages; integration and optimisation, showcase pages; integration and optimisation. Content planning for pages, follow me plug ins. Paid for advertising tools. … and the ultimate ‘follower strategies’ that work.

Miles Duncan

Founder and Course Instructor

Miles’s experience spans 30 years and has been built up in business development, marketing and digital roles, within corporates, professional services and SME’s. This background has provided the perfect foundation to understanding how LinkedIn can be used as a very powerful business development and marketing tool, and how it should be integrated in daily activities. For almost two decades I have trained 100’s of companies and individuals on how to use LinkedIn for business growth. My training strips away what you don’t need to know and focuses on the activities that make an instant difference and get you moving in the right direction. The online course is an all-inclusive end to end sales and business development system. When I changed my ways and got into LinkedIn, my world changed. Yours can too. If your way isn’t working – try mine.

CPD Accredited

LinkedIn Success Systems is the only LinkedIn course of its type that has been awarded CPD accreditation by CPD Standards London